Community Testimonials

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Our Community Friends


The Love Kitchen, Inc.Gail & Brandy
Gail uses a wheelchair to get around so cooking for herself is difficult. For nearly a year now, she has received meals each Thursday from the Love Kitchen. “This helps me get through the week” says Gail.
The Love Kitchen, Inc.Lance Owens
I like being around people. At my age, we tend to get lonely if we're not careful. I've made a lot of friends here.”

Despite failing eyesight, Lance takes the bus to the Love Kitchen every Wednesday and Thursday for hot meals and a bag of groceries for which he is very grateful. “I was in World War II and everything was rationed... even sanity. I learned to appreciate living.
The Love Kitchen, Inc.Denise
Two-year-old Denise comes to pick up food with her Mom and Dad every Wednesday afternoon. Her mother says “we depend on the Love Kitchen. The fact that they provide us with meat is really important. Meat is so expensive and Denise has an appetite like her Daddy.
The Love Kitchen, Inc.Rosie
Volunteer Jerri Shelley has been delivering meals to Rosie for eight years. Without the meals that Jerri brings her, Rosie wouldn't have enough to eat during the week. “She's so grateful that before I leave she always gives me a hug” said Jerri.